Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #3

Okay, so my Fave Five this week is actually just one thing, but I'm splitting it up into five little pieces.  If you haven't read my Funny Old World post please read it so everything below will make sense.

1) Telling my Moms.  I have two Moms.  There's the mom who gave birth to me and there's the mom who is no relation but feels like a mom just the same.  Telling them I am pregnant was absolutely my favorite part of my week.  There may or may not have been screaming, yelling, hugging, crying, dancing in circles, and lots and lots and lots of praising God.

2)  Prayer.  The response I got to Funny Old World was overwhelming.  I am so blessed to have such a huge support system.  God truly answers prayers, and I have felt the power of those prayers over the past few days.

3) Good News.  So far the news from the doctor has been positive.  Not to be too personal or anything, but my hormone levels are strong and I am feeling confident that things just might be okay this time. 

4) The hubby.  My husband has been a saint this week!  From reminding me that I have to keep breathing when I was freaking out about the positive test to joyfully preparing whatever meal I have decided sounds good at that moment he has been right by my side.  And when I dreamed last night that a huge spider was crawling on me, and I totally wigged out, he calmed me down and didn't laugh at me.  Well, at least he waited until this morning to laugh at me. 

5)  Text Messages.  If text messages were not possible I would have burned through my 1500 monthly cell phone minutes in the last five days.  I don't think an hour has gone by when I didn't get a text telling me I was being prayed for or asking if I'd heard anything or if I need anything.  Text messages are wonderful!

God is good!  All the time!

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  1. =D I LOVE the telling the moms part! I grinned through that one. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Oh, I LOVED your Funny Old World post and this is just incredibly awesome!! This is so exciting! I'd be freaking if I were you. What a great hubby you have.

    Take care, now, and keep us updated. Wonderful, wonderful news!!

  3. I loved the telling the moms part too! hehe

  4. An absolutely wonderful faves list! So awesome. Again, congratulations to you and your hubby!