Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crazy Craft Day

One thing I have learned about my child is that he is a very social little critter.  Every Thursday we spend the day at my mom's with his cousins and his Aunt Velvet.  Sam loves Thursdays!  He also thrives on time spent with the other babies from last year's baby boom.  He is happiest when we are out and about.  Days spent at home usually get really grouchy by 4:00.  He will start nursery school in just a few short weeks (!!!!), but in the meantime I'm doing something specific for each day of the week.  One day is "field trip" day, one day is "errand running" day, etc.

Wednesdays are "crazy craft" day, so I've been looking for fun things for us to do.  Things that will take up a chunk of time, give him a new way to play, and hopefully help him learn and discover something new.  A friend sent me a link from Growing A Jeweled Rose with ideas for sensory play for babies.  Today I made edible fingerpaint.  I used the recipe from At The Butterfly Ball and colored it with Wilton gel icing colors.  I cut 6x6 squares of cardstock, stripped Sam down to his diaper, and turned him loose in the high chair.  Spooning out little bits of paint at a time helped him learn to "paint" without getting overwhelmed.  The end result was two finger paintings, a masterful mess on the high chair tray, and one very happy baby.

What fun crafts do you do with your kids?  

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