Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeding the Obsession

You may have noticed by now that my child is obsessed with fish.  "Fish" was one of his first words.  He will sit and stare at my parents' aquarium without moving a muscle.  Finding Nemo mesmerizes him.  The boy loves fish.  So what did we do with the remaining birthday money and a surprise afternoon with no work?  We went to the Dallas Children's Aquarium.  Sam loved every minute.  At each new exhibit he got excited all over again - especially when there were larger fish swimming in schools.  And I probably don't have to mention how his face lit up when he saw "Nemo" and "Dory".  But there were two highlights of the day...

The first was Stingray Bay where he got to touch the stingrays...

...and the second was meeting a tiny little alligator named Albert.

Look out, Albert!  Sam has a wicked left hook!

I am so glad that Albert was a docile little gator.  I'm a little bit fond of my child's fingers.

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