Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Six Months Old

Six months.  That's half a year.  Some days have flown, and others have dragged on minute by minute like I'm in a freaky Twilight Zone episode where time stands still.  Here's a few things about our six month old:

Weighs 17.6 pounds and is 25ish inches long according to the highly scientific Bathroom Scale and Tape Measure.  (We'll get exact stats in a couple of weeks at his doctor's appointment.)

Eats 8 ounces of formula every three to four hours during the day.  I make a quart of formula every morning, and I usually have to make a little extra for his last bottle.  We got through two cans of formula each week.

Loves carrots, sweet potatoes, and prunes.  Tolerates green beans and pears.  The verdict is still out regarding peas.  He either loves them or he just thinks the word peas is really funny (Click here and see what you think.).  We've started solids pretty slowly, but now that he's six months old we'll be introducing a lot more foods.

Takes Prevacid daily for acid reflux.

Thinks tummy time and naps are forms of torture.

Is working on rolling over, but is having a hard time.  He makes it over to his side, and then his broad shoulders get in the way.  I blame his Daddy's genetics for that one.

Loves Dinosaur Train, Elmo, and Bob the Tomato.

Wants to be held and/or entertained all the time.  Let me rephrase...DEMANDS to be held and/or entertained all the time.  We are working on teaching him that he is not, in fact, the center of the universe.  He's not buying it.

Can be very tempermental.  Unless he is at Nana's house where he magically turns into a sweet angel with no flaws whatsoever.

Babbles incessantly.  Has started mimicking mouth movements.

Sleeps 12-14 hours straight each night.

Has hair like Beaker from the Muppets.

His Mommy and Daddy pretty much think he hung the moon.

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  1. Love that smile! I see more of you in him in this pic than I have before. So glad everyone has survived the first 6 months (the hardest in my opinion)!