Monday, October 17, 2011

Split Personality (aka Three Month Update)

Three months ago I gave birth to a sweet, happy baby boy.  Either that or I gave birth to a howler monkey.  Most days I'm not sure which. 

Sam celebrated his three-month birthday by sleeping 12.5 hours from 9:00pm-9:30am.  He woke up with the soggiest diaper in the history of babydom, but he was one happy boy.  Until we got halfway through our trip to the grocery store.  That's when he decided to celebrate being three months old by throwing an epic fit at Target.  And continuing the fit all the way home.  He calmed down briefly after chugging down a 4 ounce bottle, but then he whined/griped for another two hours until he finally succombed to the power of the swing.  In the meantime we both went through three outfits thanks to Sir Yaks A Lot.  I think my shirts have a bullseye on my left shoulder.  *Aim Baby Barf Here*.

Once he finally went to sleep for a few minutes I had a little birthday celebration of my own.  It involved making a sinfully ridiculous chocolate cake.

The moment the cake was done and I pulled it out of the oven Sam woke up, and we were off to the races again.  I finally texted a friend for sympathy who reminded me that my little hellbeast is "cute, beloved, and wanted".  Then she reminded me that I can totally get him back in junior high.  I'm planning on doing the chicken dance in the car drop-off lane while wearing a tacky floral print bathrobe (which I will buy specifically for that purpose).  Either that or rolling the windows down and singing the Star Wars theme at the top of my lungs while wearing my hair in a Princess Leia cinnamon-roll bun and wielding a plastic lightsaber.

In all seriousness, most days Sam really does seem to have a split personality.  He can be adorably sweet and happy - laughing and cooing and talking.  And then, in the blink of an eye, he turns into a screaming banshee demanding to be held perfectly still in a specific position (which changes daily depending on his mood).  His reflux is still a problem sometimes, but it seems to be as under control as we can get it for now.  He sleeps really well at night (10-12 hours), but barely sleeps at all during the day.  And he most definitely has a temper like me.  I mean, if he's unhappy about something - like me not being in his direct line of sight for longer than 2 milliseconds - he immediately starts to scream and then immediately turns it off and smiles when I go over to him.  It's like flipping a switch.  I need to get it on film so you don't think I'm exaggerating. 

And yet, despite, the teddy bear/wolverine personality situation we love him more and more everyday.  My favorite part of each morning is going in to get him and seeing that huge gummy smile.  He loves to cuddle while he eats, but then he wants to lay down so he can kick and stretch.  He won't sleep in his crib yet, but we finally got him to sleep in his swing in his own room (rather than in the living room or our bedroom).  We'll keep trying the crib, and eventually it'll click in his little brain.  I think he likes the comfort of being surrounded by the swing's cradle.  We've tried swaddling him in his crib, but he doesn't like it.  He wants room to stretch and kick and squirm while still having the comfort of being surrounded.  He's started sitting up in his Boppy without us supporting him, and he grins like he's so proud of himself he could bust.  Our favorite game is "Head Shoulders Knees & Toes" which makes him laugh a deep belly laugh.  But I think his favorite part of his day is bathtime with Daddy.  He lays in the warm water while Aaron sits by the tub.  He just stares up at Aaron and they "talk".  He is always very content and happy after his bath. 

Here's a few three-month pictures.

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  1. Great pics! I think maybe these baby times are so rough so that when they are teenagers and rolling their eyes at us we can say, "Well at least I don't have snot/poop/throw-up all over my shirt." Keep chuggin', Mama, it gets better from here!