Friday, December 17, 2010

Jesus Is A Liberal Democrat?

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Jesus Is a Liberal Democrat
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I generally stay away from politics on blogs and Facebook. I actually thought long and hard about posting this entry. I am not endorsing Stephen Colbert's politics or religious views (of which I know very little about). On principle alone I don't associate myself with a political party because I prefer to research the issues and make decisions based on a candidate's views rather than simply voting red or blue. I will admit, however, that I tend to vote more on the liberal side than the conservative which is an issue that has landed me in "hot water" more than once. After all, I'm supposed to be a good ol' conservative gun-toting, oil-guzzling Texas gal.

Folks, let me just say this and then I'll get back to avoiding politics. If we could stop labeling each other as Republican or Democrat and instead look at the real issues might we possibly be able to come together as the Christian nation so many of us like to brag about? Yes, I know Colbert is using labels here, but those labels are being used sarcastically to make a point. I don't have the answers to solve this country's problems which is why I generally stay out of political conversations in public forums. But I do believe that everything I currently possess is simply temporary. I am a steward of the things God has chosen to bless me with. And I choose to view my fellow man as worthy of anything I can sacrifice because I believe that's the example that Jesus set for his followers. I don't think less of you simply because you may disagree with my political views, and I hope you can afford me the same respect.

Merry Christmas, America!

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