Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Steakhouse At Home & Man Movie Night

Last Friday's at-home date was Steakhouse At Home with a Man Movie chosen by Aaron.  If you missed my original post about at-home dates click here.  We kept it simple:  strip steaks, roasted baby red potatoes with garlic and lemon, steamed broccoli, and some gorgeous shrimp that my mom brought us from her freezer stash (thanks, mom!).  I cooked the steak "Restaurant Style".  I almost always do.  There's a wonderful post about this method of cooking steaks at Whit's Amuse Bouche, but the bottom line is that you season the steaks well, sear the heck out of them in a super hot skillet, and let them finish in the oven.  It results in an amazingly tender, flavorful steak without having to light up the grill.  I actually prefer my steak cooked this way rather than on a grill.  During dinner we talked about the books we've been reading (Captivating and Wild At Heart), and we ended up sitting at the table for over two hours chatting and sharing thoughts.  Time well spent.

After dinner we put on our PJs and curled up to watch The Bourne Legacy.  Aaron loved it (he loves most movies with chase scenes - haha!), and I thought it was decent.  In my opinion, the plot was a little thin compared to the other three Bourne movies, but the acting was good and the chase scenes really were fun.  Besides, anything with Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, and Rachel Weisz can't be all bad, right?

Next week's date is "Her Choice" which means I get to plan it from start to end.  Whatever I want to do.  <insert evil laugh here>

I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen, but I can guarantee you that Downton Abbey will be involved.  Do you watch that show?  I just started watching it Monday via Netflix, and I am completely totally hooked. As soon as I pulled that paper out of the jar I texted my best friend and we began plotting.  Stay tuned to see what we come up with!

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