Monday, January 28, 2013

Paint With Water

Last week we had a string of absolutely gorgeous 70+ degree days, so we got outside as much as we could.  One of things we did was to paint with water.  Literally.  We gave Sam a bowl of water and a foam paintbrush and turned him loose on the back patio.  I figured we'd get 10-15 minutes of entertainment from it, but he had more fun with this than I ever imagined.  He "painted" for about 5 minutes, and then it turned into "dump-the-bowl-and-watch-the-water-run-off-the-patio".  Then he needed to collect rocks and put them in the old plastic watering can.  All in all, he played for over an hour!  Yes, his pants were soaked and caked with sticky dirt and wet grass, but he was happy on an afternoon after he had refused to nap so I'm perfectly willing to do a little laundry.  Painting with water was most definitely a winner!

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