Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This could not be more simple.  I found a bag of water balloons that I bought at the Dollar Store last summer and promptly forgot about.  They're really tiny; the biggest was just 4-5 inches across.  We blew up a few of them (with air, not water) and turned Sammy loose.  He threw them, batted them, and head-butted them.  I think the best part was when we showed him how to make them staticky by rubbing them on the couch and then made his hair stand up.  Then he decided to stick a balloon to the dog which made him belly laugh.  The dog was not amused.  Haha!  Once we were done we popped the balloons which also got big laughs.  Who knew that a $1 bag of tiny balloons could be so much fun?!

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