Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Events That Should Be Recorded For Posterity

First, Sam had his first trip to the zoo today.  We only lasted 90 minutes.  It was hot, folks.  H.O.T.  And it's only April.  Stupid Texas.  It was also crowded which meant that Sam was more interested in looking at the hundreds of screaming maniacal children than he was in the animals.  Still, he seemed to have a good time, and he really reacted to the tigers, elephants, fish, turtles, and the calf at the petting zoo.  Aaron and I have dreamed for years about getting to take our child to the zoo, so that made today pretty special.

Did I mention it was hot?

At this point he was still trying to figure out where the heck he was and what the heck those furry "people" were doing on that jungle gym.  Chimpanzees are cool.
He was pretty much captivated by the elephants.  He stared.  Then kicked and grunted.  Then clapped.  That's high praise coming from Sammy.
We took 16 pictures next to this little elephant sculpture.  This is the only one where both people in the picture are looking at the camera.  
Mommy was sweaty.  Sammy was tired.  But there was a waterfall.  And there was a tree.  So we stayed here for awhile.  
This is my favorite picture from our zoo visit.  On the way out we stopped at the gift shop and found a cheap little stuffed tiger.  Since the tiger was one of a handful of animals he reacted to we decided to buy it.  Aaron took Sam outside and wheeled him around in the stroller while I waited in line.  When I gave it to him he froze, gently took it, and then did his kick-grunt-clap dance of approval.  He talked to it all the way to the car and halfway home.  Then he fell asleep snuggled with it.  He is currently asleep for the night with his "Rawr" under one arm and his tiger under the other.  Yeah.  Happy Mommy.

Second...(did you forget there were two things?)...we stopped at Sprouts on the way home so I could get some corn and sausage to make this.

Sweet Mercy.

He was hopin' and prayin'.

Not gonna happen, my friend.

Anyway, I was standing at the meat counter waiting on some help, and a young kid finally made his way over.  He looked like he was about 19.  Here's what happened:

Him:  "Yes m'am?"
Me:  "Can I please have two links of the pork andouille sausage?"
Him:  "No m'am.  I'm sorry.  Those are reserved."
Me (I'm almost certain he's kidding):  "Reserved?  <he nods>  Reserved for who?"
Him:  "Reserved for me.  I like sausage."
Me:  "Well, I'm pretty sure you could spare two links for me, couldn't you?"
Him:  "I guess I could.  <starts to pick them up...pauses>  Are you sure you just want two?"
Me:  "Yep.  That's all I need."
Him:  "You SURE?!  You know you're gonna get home and want some more?"
Me:  "Nope.  Two will work just fine."
Him:  "Well when you figure out you need more you'll just have to come back and see me."
Me (is he FLIRTING with me?!):  "I'm sure we'll be fine with two.  One for me.  One for my husband."
<dead silence>
Him:  "Your HUSBAND?!"
Me:  "Yep.  I have one."
Him:  "But you don't have a ring."
Me:  "That's because I had a baby and my fingers are still too fat to wear it."
Him:  "A BABY?!?!?!"
Me:  "Yep.  A nine-month-old."
Him:  "How long have you been married?"
Me:  "It'll be nine years next month."
Him:  "NINE YEARS?!?!?  How old are you?"
Me:  "32.  How old did you think I was?"
Him:  "Geez.  I was thinking 25ish.  Man!"
Me:  "Well, better luck next time!"  

I gave him a wink and a smile and walked out of that store on Cloud Nine.  He may have been delusional and a little goofy looking, but I'm okay with that.

The End.


  1. I think I need to start shopping where you shop!

    1. I like that idea! Move on back to DFW, and we'll make that happen! ;)

  2. Awesome - that poor disappointed lad. At least he was disappointed until he found out you were old (it's all relative to where you are at the time), married AND had a baby. Perhaps he might have held out hope if only one of those were true :)