Friday, March 23, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

1) Sam has been a BEAST today.  Teething + congestion = Unhappy Little Dude.  "Pick me up.  Put me down.  OMG you put me down.  Hold me.  Don't touch me.  Feed me.  Why are you feeding me?  I can't breathe.  My teeth hurt.  ELMO!!".  I have just basically wrestled him all day - poor baby - and I finally put him in a modified headlock and held him in the recliner until he fell asleep to Finding Nemo.

2) 10 minutes after he fell asleep the doorbell rang.  The dogs went crazy.  I answered the door.  It was a Jehovah's Witness.  They left.  I put the "do not knock or ring bell" sign on the door.  I wrestled Sam back to sleep.

3)  5 minutes later the bell rang AGAIN.  Despite the sign.  It was UPS.  (The same UPS guy who last week delivered my package to my neighbor and her package to me, ignored the sign on the door, and couldn't understand why I was angry).  He had another package today.  

4)  The package was for my neighbor.

5)  There is now a sign on my door that says "The last person that rang my doorbell while my child was napping is now buried in my backyard.  Do you feel lucky?"

6)  I'm not kidding.


  1. Ha! You need one of those doorbells that gives the person a little electric shock when they press it!

    1. YES!!! You would not BELIEVE this UPS guy. He has got to be one of the most oblivious people I have ever met. And to top it off, he's arrogant.

    2. I'm thinking of the UPS guy who used to be on Mad TV - is he that smart?

    3. Never saw it. But it does feel like something from a TV show. I keep thinking "where's the candid camera?".

  2. Hahaha! UPS guys are more concerned with getting the transactions completed quickly than anything. Too bad you don't have an Addams Family doorbell, or a boxing glove on a spring that pops out when you press the bell. :)