Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Gathered Nest

I met my friend, Katie, when we were in college at Oklahoma Christian.  Last year, Katie and her husband, Michael, adopted a little girl from Ethiopia.  They have a huge heart for orphans, and are currently working toward adopting a little girl from Eastern Europe.  She has Down Syndrome and is facing a transfer to an institution if the adoption is not finalized quickly. 

Katie and Michael have a blog called The Gathered Nest which chronicles the adoption process.  Earlier this week they requested donations of $2,000 to file the adoption application.  Their goal was met within 24 hours through only three donations, and their application has already been approved!  The next step is to complete a homestudy which will cost $1,750. 

I'm not going to try to be philisophical here.  Katie's blog is powerful and fully explains the situation they are facing.  Please visit The Gathered Nest - - and prayerfully consider how you can help Katie, Michael, and Sophia bring home the newest member of their family.

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