Monday, March 21, 2011


Things look a little different around here.  The colors on this page have changed from the oranges and reds of Fall to the greens and yellows of Spring.  It's the first Monday of Spring, and as a new season begins I have things on my mind.  Nothing earth-shattering or mind-bending.  Just stuff.  So I thought I'd share it with whoever decides to stop by.  Here's my random array of thoughts on this windy Monday.

1)  The Nursery
Sam's nursery is starting to come together.  The dresser, crib, and glider are assembled.  The painting and the chair rail are finished.  The bedding is waiting for a mattress that we will buy once we decide to stop procrastinating and actually drive to the store.  I have two bags full of decorations that will go on the wall shelves which have also not yet been purchased.  Are you seeing a pattern of procrastination?  I am most excited about two things:  the wooden letters that are being hand-painted by Awesomely Crafty Friend #1, and the scripture verse plaque (?) that is being secretly custom designed by Awesomely Crafty Friend #2.  I love having crafty friends!

2) A New Camera
The pictures above are not exactly of wonderful quality.  I have a 5 year old camera that is a very good camera.  However, it recently decided to be a very spastic camera leaving me to rely on my camera phone.  This is simply unacceptable considering the fact that we are about 18 weeks away from bringing a munchkin into this world.  Isn't the entire point of having kids so you can take pictures of them?  No?  Well, a new camera is still in order.  I don't know much about all the gizmos and gadgets involved with buying a camera.  Luckily, my dad is the king of digital photography around here, so I emailed him with a couple of simple questions.  At least I thought they were simple.  If I printed out his incredibly well-thought-out response it would take three pages.  He's an engineer.  You would think after 31 years I would know there is no such thing as a simple response from that man.  Unless he's ordering dinner.  But that's another issue.  Anyway, I showed my husband (whose dad is also a photography guru - seeing as he does it professionally) and he understood the jargon and we are now well on our way to a new camera.  Once we stop procrastinating and actually go to the store.

3) The Study
In order to convert the tiny bedroom into the nursery we had to move all the junk out of it into the other larger bedroom which is now the study.  After a week of decorating during Snowpacalypse 2011 (if you're in DFW you know what I mean) I was very proud of the clean and organized look of my new study.  And then this happened:

All the papers and random electronic equipment and piles of things that still mystify me magically transported themselves to my nice clean study.  This also falls under the category of "we'll get to it when we stop procrastinating".  My brain cannot even begin to process this right now.  By the way, you'll notice the cat seems quite comfortable in the chaos.  At least you'll notice it if you can find the cat.  It's like a bizarre game of Where's Waldo.  I need to move on before the big vein in my head explodes.

4) Unexpected Repairs
The doorbell rang yesterday afternoon.  It was our next door neighbor.  Remember when I mentioned earlier that it's a windy Monday?  Well, yesterday was a windy Sunday, and the day before was a windy Saturday, which means that a portion of the fence we share with our neighbor is currently balanced very precariously and if we move on to a windy Tuesday we just might not have a fence anymore.  So, Saturday (because they don't have time before then), my hubby and our awesome neighbor will make a trip to Home Depot and will work together to patch up our ghetto fabulous fence.  Hopefully the patch job will last until we can figure out a more permanent solution.  Good neighbors are a huge blessing!

5) Interesting Discoveries
It has been a full month since I quit my full-time job.  Over the last few weeks I have made a few discoveries that I think are rather interesting:
  • There is ALWAYS at least one channel that plays Law & Order re-runs during the day.  See above regarding procrastination.
  • Everyone in Cedar Hill, TX goes to Sonic Happy Hour between 2:30-3:00.  Seriously, folks, things get crazy over there!
  • Grocery shopping is much less stressful when I don't have to elbow people out of the way to get to the diced tomatoes. 
  • Some days I feel good, and some days I feel like laying on the bathroom floor all day.  There is not much rhyme or reason to which days are which.  EXCEPT that I can guarantee you if there is a day where I really need to accomplish something that day will be a bathroom floor kind of day.
  • My dogs bark at really random things throughout the day.  Sometimes I think they bark just because they like the sound of their own yapping.
  • I have recently started craving Coke.  I don't like Coke; I'm a Dr Pepper kind of girl.  Nevertheless, there is Coke in my fridge.  I'm slightly disurbed by this.
6) New Beginnings
It's time for Spring Reading Thing.  I posted my list a few days ago, and I started the first book on my list last night.  Looking over my 2011 To-Read Pile I realized that I have gotten behind on my Bible Reading Plan, and I'm embarrassed to say that I hadn't thought about it recently.  There are also several parenting/baby books I really want to read before Sam is born in late July.  Right now it feels like we have a ton of time, but I have a sneaky feeling that July is going to be here before I know it.  That being said, this feels like the right time to make a new start.  It's time to re-examine habits and make sure that the above-mentioned procrastination doesn't end up being a serious problem.  I need to take advantage of good days so I can allow myself to rest (guilt-free) on bad days.  The little guy who is currently alternating between bouncing on my bladder and kicking me in the hip deserves my best! 

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to turn off Law & Order, attempt to determine why the dogs are running in frantic circles, and tackle a load or two of laundry.  And then later I'll join the rest of Cedar Hill at Sonic where I'll (bizarrely) order a Cherry Coke and spend a little time with my Bible Reader phone app.  Happy Spring!


  1. Wow! I don't think an almost finished nursery when you're 18 wks away counts as procrastinating! Maybe because I'm 6 wks away, and only slightly prepared for #3? It's funny how you think you'll have tons of extra time once your home all the time, but then it's just as hard to get everything done. Glad you're at least having some good days! Love ya!

  2. Allow me to clarify...assembling furniture and buying decorations is NOT an almost finished nursery. The closet is still crammed full of junk that needs a new home, and there is major re-organization that needs to happen before the first baby shower in May. Plus, the garage has to be cleaned out and a door opener has to be installed so I can park in the garage. I think by #3 you at least have an idea of what to expect - I have no idea what I'm going to need to do! :)