Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I pretty much despise Valentine's Day.  To my way of thinking it's purely a commercial gimmick designed by the candy companies and florists to make us spend money during the down-time after Christmas.  I don't like my husband to buy me flowers - they seem like a waste of money since they're just going to die.  I'm not a big chocolate fan.  I don't like sappy chick flicks (except for Sleepless in Seattle).  Most of the time my husband appreciates this since he has no stress.  We just hang out, eat dinner at home, and watch whatever sporting event happens to be on TV that night.  But every now and then I wonder if he could use a little reminder of why he's the one I choose to spend my Valentine's Day with.  So here we go:

Because he can make laugh when no one else can.

Because he sorts the socks and puts them away.  (I HATE socks!  I just dump them in the drawer and find two matching ones when it's time to put them on.)

Because every time I take a bath I somehow forget to get a towel, and every time he brings me one without saying anything sarcastic.

Because he doesn't get mad when I throw the above mentioned towel on the floor instead of in the laundry basket

Because he gets up in the middle of the night when my cat is throwing a fit to come in the house.  Or to be let out of the house.  Or because he's hungry and is too much of a wimp to go around the corner in the dark because the puppy might be waiting to pounce on him even though he outweighs her by several pounds.

Because he can't carry a tune in a bucket, but he sings with all his heart at church

Because he lets me make fun of the fact that he can't carry a tune in a bucket

Because he lets me make fun of pretty much anything about him

Because when he's snoring at night and I poke him and tell him to turn over he mumbles "okay" and then proceeds to not move an inch and keep right on snoring

Because he can make my nephew laugh until the poor little guy can't breathe

Because he instantly makes friends everywhere we go

Because he never complains about going to work - even when he's tired, sick, or just plain annoyed

Because he can't wait for the little peanut in my belly to pop his/her way into the world so he can "finally" be a Daddy

Because he is endlessly patient

Because he accepts my many faults and loves me because of them rather than in spite of them

Because after almost 10 years together he's still the first person I want to call when things go horribly wrong or amazingly right

Because God made him perfectly designed for me

It's been a crazy journey to this point, but there's no one else I rather have shared it with.  Happy Valentine's Day, Aaron!  I love you!

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